Lucien Engelen
November 17th, 2013

Lucien Engelen: An Elderly Washing-Mill?

Sometimes it’s best not to add a lot of text to a genuine message. To me this is one of those. Whether or not it’s the Governments responsibility or not, it’s a strong message. So as they creator of this short video explains :

“Care in trouble,

In the future the elderly and disabled, living at home, will be washed in a washing- mill because there is no money left for a good treatment with love and involvement. It’s not only a problem in The Netherlands but also in many countries around us. The physiotherapist from Brunssum, Hans Gadiot is concerned about that and made a film to show that the policy the government made is wrong and lead us to an irresponsible care.”

They Dutch phrase at the end is translated “Love is a verb, but might be past tense in the future”

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