Lucien Engelen
juli 31st, 2013

Lucien Engelen: Will there still be Telecoms in 5 years ?

Somethings puzzling me, invoked by how companies innovate and choices they make to change course.

I see a lot of dynamics in (at least) the european telecom market in terms of prices-drops, mergers and new regulations. On the other hand there is this development where cable companies are vastly enrolling a mesh-like wireless network through WiFi-sharing by private router-sharing. And Google is creating internet-networks through balloons in Google-x project Loon (i.e. in rural areas). Add to it that more and more applications communicate through the IP (Internet Protocol).

Comes to mind the question : whether or not telecoms in general will still be in business in a few years. And what are telecoms doing about this, what kind of transition do the fore-see themselves. Merging INside the sector won’t solve the challenge IMHO.

Or will we see “newcomers” like cable companies (in terms of wireless-network-coverage) disrupt a huge chunk of the current telecom market, in a way Clayton Christensen teaches us over and over again.

I see great parallels with healthcare and Science on the level of needed innovation of “the Model”, aside innovation on the processes and the products and would love to hear your opinion in that.

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