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REshape Conferences

REshape_conferencesEvery year Radboud University Medical Center, in cooperation with varying partners, organizes REshape conferences on the topic of health 2.0. Since it has started in 2009, five REshape conferences have inspired healthcare professionals and patients alike to take a look at how delivering and receiving care can be a great experience. Each REshape conference got a little bigger, resulting in great international events like Medicine 2.o and TEDxMaastricht which are organized under the flag of REshape Conferences.

The focus of REshape events lies particularly on the real meaning of Health 2.0, which of course involves much more than only the internet. The way patients and health care providers communicate is undergoing dramatic changes. Your wish as a patient is our command? No, that would go too far, although there is undeniably a trend towards collaborative healthcare. What are the symptoms of this trend? And what does it mean for health care?

Health 2.0 deals with new relations between health care providers and their patients. The new relations result from the many possibilities offered by internet sources – social media in particular – on the one hand, and the growing self-confidence of the patients on the other.

Some of the past speakers : Bertalan Mesko ( Hungary), Gert-Jan van Boven (Nictiz), Jan Kremer (MijnZorgnet), Laurent de Vries (GGD Nederland)

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