About Tom van de Belt

Tom van de Belt, PhD, is one of the first researchers who obtained a PhD on Social Media in healthcare, and probably the first one with a # (hashtag) in the title of his PhD-Thesis. He has an MSc in biomedical sciences, with special interest in exercise physiology. He published studies about the definition of Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0, the use of Social Media by hospitals and consumers’ preferences regarding the use of Social Media in Healthcare, of which some are highly cited. More recently, he studied the relation between information on social media and the quality and safety of healthcare, of which the first paper is available here. Tom is co-investigator several international research projects about online collaborative writing applications such as wikis in healthcare. During his PhD, he studied wikis in the field of infertility. He used two different wikis to generate dynamic patient information with participation from patients and healthcare professionals. It appeared that wikis are promising tools for this purpose, but that many barriers for using the wikis exist. As a result, he has developed a deep understanding of the barriers facing the implementation of social media and collaborative writing applications in health care. Currently, Tom works as Postdoc at REshape and is project leader REshape Research. His main project is the evaluation of Hereismydata, but he is also involved in many other projects including Google Glass, FaceTalk and bionic sensors.

Continuous monitoring of vital signs during hydrotherapy

Continuous monitoring of vital signs during hydrotherapy We decided to test the HealthPatch in the swimming pool ourselves. Tom van de Belt Assistant Professor Digital Health Measuring vital signs such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation is crucial to [...]

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Why interns are awesome

Recently, a new batch of students started their internship at the Radboudumc REshape Innovation Center. Most of them study Medicine or Biomedical Sciences at the Radboud University, but we also see students from the Han University of Applied Sciences, studying Communication and Multimedia Design. I would like to share some thoughts related to this topic and describe why interns are important for healthcare.

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