Dutch Hacking Health 2018

Creating a movement of healthcare innovators!

Concha van Rijssel

Program Manager at REshape

In 2015 we organized the first #HackingHealth hackathon @Radboudumc with 65 participants. After three editions of  Dutch Hacking Health in the Netherlands, more than 500 participants joined a hackathon in one of the participating cities this year !
May 14th was the final day of Dutch Hacking Health 2018, the Dutch zorghackathon where programmers, designers, entrepreneurs work together with patients and healthcare professionals on innovative solutions for current problems in healthcare! All local winners from the seven participating cities: Groningen, Leiden, Roosendaal, Maastricht, Utrecht, Ubbergen and Nijmegen came together for the election of the national winner of Dutch Hacking Health 2018.

Or … as Erik Gerritsen – Secretary General at the Ministry of Health & Welfare (VWS) stressed the attendees: it is not about winning but about being successful in the end through the innovation – which has come about basis of co-creation – . Goal is to actually implemented the solution and make it available to patients, informal caregivers and / or healthcare professionals faster than usual.

Mirjam van Velthuizen, member of the Executive Board of the UMC Utrecht was at HIMSS2018 last March and the story of former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt was an eye-opener for her and a confirmation why UMC Utrecht participates in Dutch Hacking Health and why it it is so incredibly important to work together in healthcare and not only with the traditional parties that are already working in the healthcare sector.

For me, this is the essence of the #HackingHealth movement: the creation of a new eco-system with passionate people who are open to working together. Not only in the Netherlands but because #HackingHealth is a global movement also outside of it. One participates because he / she walks around with a current problem and hopes that a solution is found, others find it “just” fun during a creative pressure cooker to work on a problem and of course there are those who already have a fantastic idea , want to do business and use the hackathon to further concretize and test their idea with the aim of bringing it to the market.

I am particularly proud to see & experience how Dutch Hacking Health can be accessed in a low-threshold and informal manner bring people from the Netherlands together. A number of teams have continued to develop and / or implement the solution themselves after the hackathon. Others use the experience gained from participating in a hackathon in daily practice. In any case, these passionate people with sometimes very different backgrounds and who otherwise would probably have REALLY not met – now find each other in realizing their ideals. In addition, I personally get a lot of energy from the enthusiasm of all (former) participants, our great co-organizers from the other healthcare institutions, enthusiastic national and local sponsors, all volunteers, coaches and jury members and last but not least support from the Ministry from VWS.

The Movin (g) Reality team that participated in HH Ubbergen last April with our colleagues from the Maartenskliniek is the national winner of Dutch Hacking Health 2018 selected by the national jury with Nick Guldemond, Gelle Klein-Ikking and Tineke Markus! The team has made an application based on ‘augmented reality’ for walking rehabilitation. They were offered one day advice at Deloitte and support of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Watch the video below:

Photo credits: Kenny Malone
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