REshape Inspiration Day Eindhoven

Every now and then it is good to have a change of scenery. We drove a little under an hour to Eindhoven and saw what is happening in what has been called the smartest region of the world…

Jules Lancee

Biomagical Engineer at REshape

On a cold and rainy day we visited the city of lights for some warmth and inspiration. Why did we go? To be inspired by new ideas and so we were. We chose  four areas in the city of Eindhoven that have inspirational vibes: the High Tech Campus, the city center, the University of Technology and the former-industrial Philips neighborhood Strijp S.

We had a great tour over the High Tech Campus (HTC) where we visited the startup accelerator HTXL: we were told about the ecosystem the HTC is, where thousands of very smart people are a 5 minute walk away from each other. Aside from Philips, that has many offices here, we also had a peek into the research that’s being done at Holst Center. Here they do research on flexible electronics,  for example: smart clothing, bendable screens and other wearable sensors.

This concentration of high tech developments helps the startups in the HTXL program. They have access to many of the companies on site. Some of the health tech related startups that were in the program in earlier years now have their offices on the campus. We visited a couple of them: a former student of TUe started Usono and wants to change the world of ultrasound. Their first product helps to fixate ultrasound transducers to the body for prolonged scanning and was tested during the Eindhoven marathon of this year!

Usono shares their office with Bambi Medical, previously featured in the major television news shows, who developed a new way for continuous monitoring of babies with no wires at all! This reduces the need for adhesives, on their still vulnarable skin, and improves the ability for parents to hold their baby.

At last we spoke with LifeSense: they design smart underwear! We learned about the taboo in women’s health, 1 in 3 women suffer from incontinence problems after giving birth. Next to Lifesense’s underwear measuring leakage, the accompanying app helps women to train the pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder control.

How could we learn in healthcare from the marketing world? We gather more and more data in and outside of the hospital, but we don’t know yet about the way we should handle that data or what value lies within. We had a peek into the offices of Greenhouse Group for an introduction to the marketing world of data.

To learn more about creativity we visited the workshops of the Design Academy Eindhoven where designers from all over the world are being taught. This academy was founded already in 1947 and plays a major role in the Dutch Design Week. Design plays a role in almost everything around us and it’s interesting to think about the role of design in health(care).

In the afternoon we met many young researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology that turned their ideas into companies: from new ways of robot assisted microsurgery to in situ heart valve regeneration. The robot that Microsure showed us gives surgeons the ability to use their own tools rather than having to learn new operating techniques. This high-tech solution translates and stabilizes the movements of the surgeons hands to a micro level to be able to suture tiny veins for example.

It was amazing to go to the labs of Lifetec group on the 8th floor with views on Eindhoven, where they prepared especially for us a live beating heart… This company uses pigs’ hearts from the slaughterhouse to train surgeons, do medical research and much more. The platform they developed can be shipped around the world to help surgeons in mastering new interventions in cardiology.

We closed off at Singularity University the Netherlands at Strijp S with the last energy of the day, SU aims to solve the challenges of the world with new ‘exponential developing technologies’. Seeing all kinds of new technology that might disrupt many sectors, left us to wonder about how we see change coming in healthcare. The future is now!

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