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Project Description

Beter Gezond (Better Healthy)

Preventing cancer by stimulating a more healthy lifestyle

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You can get cancer, even if you live very healthy. But we can reduce the risk of getting cancer themselves more influence than we think. We know that it helps not to smoke and we know that it helps to protect us from UV radiation.

It is less known that excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and obesity also affect getting cancer. Scientists have calculated that we can prevent at least 30% of the cancer with a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge

[icon name=”fa-question” class=”fa-2x pull-left”]How can we reduce the chance of getting cancer by stimulating a healthy lifestyle, especially for those who have already been treated for cancer?

The solution

The app ‘Beter Gezond’ (Better Healthy) challenges the user to change one of their habits in 30 days. Most of our behaviour is unconscious behaviour, it’s the auto-pilot of humans. By consciously changing a habit for 30 days you can create new unconscious behaviour. The app makes the users focus on one of their bad habits, like drinking alcohol, not exercising enough, eating unhealthy or not sleeping enough. The user then has to set a specific goal to improve in the 30 day limit, but also has to set multiple guidelines. These guidelines help the user from giving in to their bad habits by using a ‘if .. then’ sentence. For example: “If someone offers me a drink, then I’ll ask for water.” Or “If someone offers me a snack, I’ll say I’m on a diet.”. These sentences ‘program’ the user and make it easier to refuse.

What did we do?

REshape facilitated a ’30 day project’ for RUCO, the Radboudumc Center for Oncology and created the concept together with patients, doctors, behavioural scientists, (industrial) designers and researchers. After a kick off and two brainstorm sessions we’ve had over a 100 ideas for our challenge. Together with Panton, a design agency for healthcare, we narrowed it down to 12 scenarios. The scenarios were discussed in the team and led to 1 final idea: Beter Gezond.

[icon name=”fa-info-circle” class=”fa-2x pull-left radboud_blue_text”]More than 100.000 people get diagnosed with cancer in the Netherland each year. 30.000 of these cases could be prevented by living a more healthy life.

Prof. Dr. Nicole Blijlevens
Prof. Dr. Nicole BlijlevensInternist Haematologist
“CMyLife improves the quality of care for patients with CML. By allowing people to take control of their own care-process they can better shape their live with the disease in a way that fits their personal situation.”
Barend Heeren
Barend HeerenProgrammanager HereIsMyData at Radboudumc
“With CMyLife we’re able to empower patients by giving them the tools they need to understand and check if they receive the right care and to manage their own side-effects.”

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