Project Description


Rethinking Research

[icon name=”fa-eye” class=”fa-2x pull-left”] Apple released on top of the health kit a platform for research. Problem is that if you want to use this platform you have to know how to write code. Because we wanted to put this kind of technology in the hands of patients we start exploring the possibilities.

The challenge

[icon name=”fa-question” class=”fa-2x pull-left”] How can we make the Apple research kit easy-to-use for patients and researchers?

The solution

We build a real drag-and-drop platform for patients to create their own research so their answers become with reach of them. Reach! is an easy-to-use platform that is developed in co-design with patients and researchers by which everybody can become a medical researcher.

Check out the video below

What did we do?

REshape is initiator of this project. At this moment we’re starting a pilot with patients and researchers to start using the platform.

[icon name=”fa-info-circle” class=”fa-2x pull-left radboud_blue_text”]Patients and researchers

Thijs Sondag
Thijs SondagStartup expert / Teammember REshape
“As of today, everybody can be a medical researcher. “

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