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Meet the interns

Merlijn Smits
Merlijn SmitsUT Philosophy of science, technology and society
ViSi Mobile is a technology that allows for continuous monitoring of hospitalised patients. Merlijn is studying the impact of the technology on patients’ well-being. Thereby she aims to develop a design methodology for creating technologies that improve users’ well-being.
Darlyn Ranis
Darlyn RanisRU Science Management and Innovation
How can we support people living with diabetes in adopting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle? Darlyn’s goal is to assess the feasibility of using a virtual assistant named “Susan” to improve patient self-management.
Jolijn van Uden
Jolijn van UdenRU Biomedical Sciences
Sticky exercises’ is a digital solution for rehabilitating patients that have to do home exercises. It consists of visual reminders and an app that shows patients videos of themselves performing the exercise with verbal instructions of their physiotherapist. Jolein hopes this will help them do their exercises more often and also in the right manner. In a pilot study she investigate user experiences of the ‘sticky exercises’ solution and the effect on self-efficacy
Ryan Oerlemans
Ryan OerlemansAvans Healthcare & Technology
In collaboration with Sensiks, supplier of the sensory reality pod, Ryan is determining how this can be applied within the Radboudumc. Research must be carried out for this purpose, user cases must be drawn up and projects initiated.
Sjoerd van den Dikkenberg
Sjoerd van den DikkenbergAvans Business Innovation
Sjoerd is actively designing a business model for a preventive e-Health concept that could improve the quality of life of persons with hypo-unawareness. By means of creativity Sjoerd is connecting viability, desirability and feasibility into a sustainable concept.
Jeremy Tan
Jeremy TanHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
What tools do we use @REshape during our projects like Design Thinking and how do we keep track of the results? Jeremy will provide the necessary structure for us during the internship. His dream is to be part of the new design thinking generation!
Chantal Jansen
Chantal JansenHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
During her internship Chantal will help us with the branding of the activities and methods we use @REshape. She also already hosted a workshop during our lunch & learn about idea killers.
Jelske de Jong
Jelske de JongRU Biomedical Sciences
During her internship, Jelske will be focussing on telemonitoring using the Checkme. This is a small device that can help patients monitor their vital parameters easily at home. The goal is to determine the user experience of the Checkme.
Tim Chau
Tim ChauRU Biomedical Sciences, Health Technology Assessment
Tim’s goal is to find the user experiences of the “virtuele poli”. He’s doing qualitative research and a headroom analysis. By determining the wishes and need of the user a recommendation can be done on how to proceed with the project.
Paula Ogink
Paula OginkRU Medicine, research internship
Paula is working on a pilot study about the Checkme. This small device can easily measure the systolic blood pressure and may be used at home to improve hypertensive care in the future.
Inge Jonkman
Inge JonkmanRU Biomedical Sciences
During her internship Inge focuses on finding patterns and associations between adverse effects and certain parameters, in patients with CML. The goal is to eventually improve treatment for CML patients and improve their quality of life.
Lindy Kregting
Lindy KregtingRU Biomedical Sciences, communication profile
Lindy is working on a communication plan for a hospital wide implementation of the ‘virtuele polikliniek’ which will be aimed at both patients and employees within the Radboudumc. By doing qualitative research, the best strategy will be determined and further elaborated.
Rob Meuwese
Rob MeuweseRU Biomedical Sciences, communication profile
During his internship Rob is making a communication plan to support the implementation of continuous monitoring in both the clinic and the “Virtuele poli”. He will focus on the communication to patients as well as nurses, doctors and heads of departments.
Stan Wijn
Stan WijnRU Biomedical Sciences, Health Technology Assessment
Stan developed an iPhone app as a succession to Ester’s report that enables patients to share health data with researchers. Being completely patient-centered, patients are able to determine which and with whom to share health data. Moreover, they have to ability to share ideas for future medical research. The app received very positive comments by a patient-panel.
Jarek Keiren
Jarek KeirenHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
The task given to Jarek consists of analyzing and improving the communication streams which are mainly focussed on social media. The goal is to have a better organized workflow combined with a more effective social media strategy. The seconday task consists of analyzing and improving the current image and knowledge about REshape among Radboudumc colleagues.
Marvin Kregting
Marvin KregtingHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
Marvin is one of the team members of Hacking Health Valley (Nijmegen) 2017. He supports us by designing promotion material and several social media activities on Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to raise enough participants to make Hacking Health Valley (Nijmegen) 2017 a succes.
Irene Bouman
Irene BoumanHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
Irene will be designing the experience around the Connected Health Kit, a new form of telemonitoring. She will be focussing on informing patients in the best way possible when they get such a Health kit at home.
Willem Cox
Willem CoxRU Science management and innovation
His main task is to analyse the patient and physiotherapist’s needs in the care process. The goal is to achieve a higher loyalty in the exercises the patient received from it’s physiotherapist.
Pien Koopmans
Pien KoopmansTU/e Biomedical Technology
During this internship Pien is the projectleader on the same project Willem is working on. Her task is to make sure there are simply said: results. She starts up the project and will also be responsible for publishing a scientific article about the subject.
Shalouw Sophy
Shalouw SophyHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
One of the tasks of REshape is to Inspire and to Educate, Shalouw focussed his internship on creating content that helped with this goal. He created multiple videos of projects and activities to give our colleagues a better insight into health(care) innovation.
Dunya Al Abbasy
Dunya Al AbbasyHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
During her internship Dunya was one of the team members of Dutch Hacking Health 2016 and Our Future Health 2016 and she supported us by designing promotion material and by several social media activities on Facebook and Twitter.
Zouha Al Abbasy
Zouha Al AbbasyHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
During her internship Zouha was one of the team members of Dutch Hacking Health 2016 and Our Future Health 2016 and she supported us by designing promotion material and by several social media activities on Facebook and Twitter.
Renee Baltussen
Renee BaltussenRU Communication and Information
Renee did her Master Thesis about sharing knowledge within virtual communities of practice. Her research shows if this is associated with positive effects such as innovation and job satisfaction. She also checked if there are any adverse effects from the use of online platforms like (techno) stress.
Eva Eikhout
Eva EikhoutHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
She started her internship explosive with participating in the hackathon Hacking Health in 2016 and giving a design thinking workshop for first-year medical students! Since then nothing can stop Eva…… During her internship she made a great digital brochure for children with urological problems.
Hugo Nijmeijer
Hugo NijmeijerRU Biomedical Sciences, Health Technology Assessment
Hugo worked for the ‘3Disease’ project, in which he looked into the added value of using 3d printed tumors as a way to inform patients.
Ester Rake
Ester RakeRU Biomedical Sciences, Health Technology Assessment
Ester wrote a report about the user research of personally-managed and self-collected health data from a personal health record. As a platform Hereismydata was used. This has led to recommendations on medical ethics, consent and data security.
Marjolijn Venderbosch
Marjolijn VenderboschHAN Communication & Multi Media Design
Marjolijn focussed her internship on creating a new concept for children born with cleft lip for the Department of OMF Surgery.
Jaap Norbruis
Jaap NorbruisTU Delft Strategic Product Design
As graduate student for REshape Jaap was concerned with the (RE)design of an innovation strategy and processes, including the different required phases and stakeholders in order to transform innovative ideas into actual healthcare innovations.