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Challenges for healthcare are enormous: increasing demand, decreasing budgets and shortage in skilled personnel puzzle many healthcare administrators. Next to that we think the next decennium should be the era of the rising self-empowered patient, in where we will embrace the patient, their family and informal care into the healthcare team. Technology is changing possibilities and lowering in costs of it faster than ever, sometimes even exponentially. To cope with these aspects, Radboud University Medical Center launched a program called the REshape Innovation Center.

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Blockchain for healthcare and your banking card.


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What is your definition of eHealth?

March 26th, 2015


This is a call to all friends of REshape, to fill out a 4-question survey on their ideas about a refined eHealth definition. Based on these results, we will decide whether or not to engage in a systematic review. Please fill out our survey! It will only take a few minutes.

The new forbidden word in Healthcare

February 10th, 2015


Cost is the new taboo word in healthcare. During and/or after my presentation there is always room for questions and interaction. It is not uncommon that somebody comments on my presentation with a sentence like: “so in the end it’s all about the money?!” But no, money is only part of the reason, quality of care and quality of life are equally or even more important. This is in no way untrue, but why is thinking about costs such a bad thing? Do we not hope that our children can receive healthcare as well? And hopefully even better than we are having now?