Start with ‘why’

Challenges for healthcare are enormous: increasing demand, decreasing budgets and shortage in skilled personnel puzzle many healthcare administrators. Next to that we think the next decennium should be the era of the rising self-empowered patient, in where we will embrace the patient, their family and informal care into the healthcare team. Technology is changing possibilities and lowering in costs of it faster than ever, sometimes even exponentially. To cope with these aspects, Radboud University Medical Center launched a program called the REshape Innovation Center.

We nurture the movement by setting up conferences to exchange thoughts, visions and listen to each other. But also by doing research on the different aspects of participatory healthcare which helps to move forward. As a vehicle for the (needed) changes we are scouting, inventing and sharing innovations (inter) nationally to improve healthcare.

The REshape Manifesto


Meet our team

Core members

Lucien EngelenDirector of REshape
Concha van RijsselProgrammanager
Barend HeerenProgrammanager HereIsMyData
Tom van de BeltAssistant Prof. Digital Health
Robin HooijerDesign Thinker
Jules LanceeBiomagical Engineer
Monique KuipersPersonal Assistant
Mats KoenemanTechnical Physician
Zayna KhayatInnovation Sherpa


Stefanie van den Bosch
Marleen van Gelder
Bas Bredie
Cees Tack
Angelien Sieben
Harry van Goor
Alain van Gool
Henk Schers
Andreas Voss
Liesbeth Langenhuysen
Iris Hobo