Virtual Clinic

Supporting people at a distance

Dynamic consent

From patient data consent to data policy

Tech-stickers for physio exercise

Tech-stickers to stimulate physio exercise

Woman centered care

Cross border early Cardiovascular risk detection for women

Patient-friendly ECGs

Exploring new ways of detecting arrhythmia


Rethinking Research


Patients can get in contact with their loved ones with virtual reality.

Ban Bedcentricity

Stimulates patients to be more active during their hospital stay.

Monitor yourself!

Could patients play a more active rol regarding monitoring of vital signs?

Numbers tell the tale!

Exploring new technology for continuous and smart montitoring at the ward.


Platform for adolescents & young adults with cancer

Beter Gezond

Preventing cancer by stimulating a more healthy lifestyle


Saving lives by making AED's accessible for everyone


Decreasing the pain for kids that had a nussbar procedure


Safe emergency care for patients with a tracheostomy

We care about your feedback

Gather feedback & improve each day.


Visualising your disease


Secure video communication for patients & professionals.


Platform for CML-patients, caregivers and informal care.


Gain insight, start dialogue, improve health.

Blockchain in healthcare

Reducing the lack of information for chronic health consumers


Integrated online community to empower patients and enhance continuity of care

Indepent traveling for blind owners of guide dogs

How can the Google Glass help blind owners of guide dogs?

Patient Communities

Connect with healthcare professionals and/or fellow patients