Drones, reading dreams and machine learning.

How last years' innovations are used today.

Lucien Engelen

Director of REshape and Core Faculty (Trainer) at Health Innovation School

How drones will change the world around us, a Framingham 2.0 study, dream reading, Microbial susceptibility with your smartphone and a huge update for Google earth that is to good not to share. Closing up with a great TED talk on Machine learning. Thats my Newsletter #13.

Here's How Drones Are Going to Utterly Transform Our World

Larger conglomerates will be investing more in drone technology, increasing revenues from drone sales to $12 billion in 2021 from around $8 billion last year. A US government “exemption” program has already authorized a number of companies to fly small drones commercially.

Alphabet seeks 10,000 volunteers — and their health data — for a massive medical study - The Verge

Alphabet’s Google division is, fundamentally, in the business of selling data. That is a useful thing to keep in mind when Alphabet’s Verily comes calling for your medical data. In this article also reference to the Parkinsons Study of Bas Bloem Radboudumc.

Neuroscientists Can Now Read Your Dreams With a Simple Brain Scan

Like islands jutting out of a smooth ocean surface, dreams puncture our sleep with disjointed episodes of consciousness. How states of awareness emerge from a sleeping brain has long baffled scientists and philosophers alike.

Smartphone and Antimicrobial Applications | Dark Daily

Microbial susceptibility testing with your smartphone is near !

Google Earth’s now with 3D imagery : awesome

Google Earth just got updated and it rocks !

Updated Google Earth’s video 

Google Earth is the most photorealistic, digital version of our planet. But how?! Where do the images come from? How are they they put together? And how ofte…

Jeremy Howard: Will Artificial Intelligence Be The Last Human Invention? : NPR

My colleague SingularityU faculty Jeremy Howard has studied machine learning for 25 years. He says artificial intelligence can help achieve amazing things. But he warns the impact on jobs may cause a great deal of social instability.

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