Time to add a new adventure:

Edge Fellow at Deloitte Center for the Edge.

Lucien Engelen

Director of REshape and Edge Fellow at Deloitte

I always try to optimize my impact. During my sabbatical last year it became clear to me the change in health(care) to my opinion comes from outside-in and to support a soft landing into the future for health(care), so it was time to make choices.

With the most recent developments, like co-locating the REshape Center with the newly created iLab as the next link to the innovation chain of the Radboudumc, as well as the creation of the iBoard who will try to take on a piece of coordination of the internal innovation, a solid foundation has been laid.

After our recent move to new location (route 4-4-1, old labs Internal Medicine at -1, for intimates) where the REshape Center, together with the iLab and the iBoard found their new ‘home’, a beautiful natural moment for reflection came on the horizon.

In developing a framework, as well as finding the answer to the question that has been asked to me several times “How-to?”, lies one of my new challenges added to my current ones.

In the research for my new book (Augmented Health(care); “the end of the beginning) , I increasingly came across the work of Deloitte Digital, who is leading in the world on the knowledge, analysis and support of digital transitions and transformations, and now increasingly also in health(care) sector. This created chemistry both on content and team level and things came together.

So, I proudly agreed to become an Edge Fellow of the Deloitte Center of the Edge to tackle the grand challenges in health(care) together with them as their Global Strategist Digital Health. I’ll start first with taking on the challenge to adapt their Digital DNA framework into one specific for the digital transformation of health(care).

I get the chance to teach and learn with and from others (such as Apple, Amazon, Singularity University, ING and others) about transformations that have already taken place in other sectors or are still underway and to try to find answers both internally, as well as in other institutions and corporations worldwide, while continue my positions at Radboud University Medical Center. Doing so continuing my focus on what lies on the horizon in the “next world” translate that into today’s choices and to assist our innovation effort in the ‘current world’, as I them in my new book. I will try to blend the best of two worlds into one. I’m looking forward contributing to the ongoing digital transformation of health(care) with these two great but different epi-centers in the world.

Let’s make health(care) even better, after all, it ís “the end of the beginning” 😉

Please find the announcement of Deloitte today below.

Deloitte and Lucien Engelen sign partnership Collaboration for Digital Health Strategy & Transformation

To further reinforce its support to the healthcare market and in addition to that strengthen its impact as the worldwide number one on Digital Health, Deloitte proudly announces a collaboration with Lucien Engelen as Edge Fellow of the Deloitte Center for the Edge.

Lucien Engelen will support our team part-time as Global Strategist Digital Health with his experience, network and strategic thinking to increase the impact on health(care) by i.e. adapting the Digital DNA Framework into a version for healthcare. There is no question that in today’s digital age, the pace of disruption is only set to increase. As new technologies—such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality—proliferate, organizations are coming under mounting pressure to rethink not just their technology strategy but their entire operational strategy. The Digital DNA Framework helps organizations achieve their short- and long-term goals in the midst of this technological change, designed to guide the timely reconfiguration of the traditional TOM, allowing organizations to benefit from the new digital economy.

The Evolution of Digital Health(care)

Rapidly-evolving technologies and growing consumerism, along with demographic and economic changes, are expected to disrupt hospitals and other health(care) institutions worldwide. Already, a growing number of inpatient health care services are being pushed to the home and outpatient ambulatory facilities. However, many complex and very ill patients will continue to need acute inpatient services. With aging infrastructure in some countries and demand for more beds in others, hospital executives and governments should consider rethinking how to optimize inpatient and outpatient settings, how to best connect with consumers, and how to integrate digital technologies into traditional hospital services to truly create a health system without walls.

Traditional sectors are fading in the healthcare market and new parties are entering the playing field. But the challenge remains the same: how will the patient’s or care consumer’s world change and how will all those actors organize themselves in the (near) future? This transformation ignites one of the world’s biggest changes in the upcoming years. Deloitte wants to help to shape this change and whenever possible take responsibility for the results and help to accelerate progress and achievements. Being able to start this eminence collaboration with Lucien Engelen is another step forward in the ongoing development of our capabilities. Lucien Engelen will support the team part-time, one day a week.

About Lucien Engelen

Lucien Engelen (1962) is the founding director of the Radboudumc REshape Center (2010) and advisory to the executive board (2008) at Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen The Netherlands. He is also core faculty at Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine in Silicon Valley (since 2011) and in the Netherlands (2016) and CEO of his own company called Transform He is a worldwide renown visionary expert in front-end health (care) innovation and a passioned and valued inspirational public speaker on the change of health(care). Lucien will continue his positions at Radboud university medical center.

About Center for the Edge

Deloitte Center for the Edge partners with senior executives to make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology. We help leaders understand the fundamental changes shaping the world, navigate the short-term challenges and identify long-term opportunities. Center for the Edge, anchored in Silicon Valley with teams in Australia and Europe, conducts original research and develops substantive points of view, organizes exclusive sessions, and leverages an ecosystem of partners for new corporate growth.

More information?

Would you like to know more about this collaboration between Deloitte and Lucien Engelen, and/or about digital transformation in healthcare? Please do not hesitate to contact Mathieu van Bergen, Managing Partner Healthcare by email: mvanbergen@deloitte.nl, or by phone: +31 (0)6 1234 4818 or Wassili Bertoen, Managing Partner Center for the Edge by email: wbertoen@deloitte.nl, or by phone: +31 (0)6 2127 2293.

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