Project Description


Safe video communication for patients and professionals.

Patients that need to go to an academic hospital often need to travel a long distance for a short visit. The ‘old’ methods of communication like calling and e-mailing didn’t have the possibility to share images combined with live interaction.

The challenge

How can we replace physical consults or consult by phone with a secure and easy-to-use videoconferencing solution?

The solution

There are now (2016) over twenty departments at the Radboudumc that use the FaceTalk application for communication with other healthcare professionals or with patients. The department of Information Management (ICT) is implementing and improving the use of Facetalk in our hospital.

Check out the video below with i.a. Prof. dr. Bas Bloem, consultant neurologist at the Dept of Neurology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre.

What did we do?

FaceTalk started out with a 30 day project in which we experimented with alternatives for the very expensive hardware solutions for video communication. Together with QConferencing, REshape further developed the prototype to a complete video-conferencing solution that is available for healthcare professionals in- and outside the Radboudumc.

On a yearly basis there are approximately 500.000 out-patient visits at Radboud University Medical Centre. About 340.000 of these are follow ups that could be replaced by a video consult to save time, reduce stress and decrease the burden of a doctor’s visit for patients.