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Project Description

Patient communities

Connect with healthcare professionals and/or fellow patients

[icon name=”fa-eye” class=”fa-2x pull-left”]Patients deserve high quality, comprehensive and personalized information, which is usually provided by the healthcare team. Between consultations with this team, patients would like to be able to connect digitally, to be able to ask additional questions. Moreover, many patients want to connect with fellow patients to exchange information including practical advices, implications for work and coping strategies.

The challenge

[icon name=”fa-question” class=”fa-2x pull-left”]How to empower patients by facilitating that they can connect with their healthcare team and/or fellow patients online?

The solution

Currently, 14 online communities for patients treated at the Radboudumc, relevant stakeholders and healthcare professionals exist. Three examples of very successful communities are: the Medical Oncology community for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA’s), the Hematology ‘CMYlife’ community for patients with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), and the Ear, Nose and Troat (ENT) community for patients with cochlear implants.

What did we do?

Before any community is created, REshape systematically collects preferences by organizing group sessions with patients and their relatives. Sometimes we also interview them individually. We primarily focus on assessing their needs, preferences and dreams for the future. Together, we try to translate them into specific features for the community. Hereby it is assured that the community will be useful for patients and that they are more to contribute or actively moderate the community. Secondly, we also collect preferences of the healthcare team. This order contrasts to previous (and less successful) attempts, in which online patient communities were solely developed by hospital organizations, and without any input from end users. By doing so, we hope that we can further boost patient empowerment.

[icon name=”fa-info-circle” class=”fa-2x pull-left radboud_blue_text”] Depends on the disease of the patient if there is a community available

Healthcare professional
Healthcare professional

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