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Project Description

Virtual Clinic

Delivering care at the homes of patients

[icon name=”fa-eye” class=”fa-2x pull-left”]The promise of e-health, or digital health as we like to call it, has been that people can be measured more often to provide better data, help patients with making the right decisions and to decrease the burden of a disease. The Virtual Clinics are a perfect example of how to do make this happen.

The challenge

[icon name=”fa-question” class=”fa-2x pull-left”]How can we deliver health & care at the homes of patients?

The solution

A test panel of approximately 24 patients will start early 2017. Heart rate, blood pressure and weight will be measured at the patient’s homes and automatically shared with their caregivers. The patients can also safely ask questions with a secure messaging app named Kanta Messenger. For medication registration and support they can use the Medapp. The patients in the test panel will receive daily questions by using the Q1.6 app.

What did we do?

REshape initiated this project together with the departments of Dermatology and Internal Medicine

[icon name=”fa-info-circle” class=”fa-2x pull-left radboud_blue_text”]For now patients with Acne Vulgaris or hypertension.

Bas Bredie
Bas BredieInternist

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