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Homo Disrupticus" My personal mission is to change healthcare through the use of technology (as a tool) into an environment with a strong(er) patients perspective. Also addressing the ethical question "what if we can do 'everything', given the increasing possibilities of exponential technology. Might watch the Backlight documentary about our work that aired on National TV "The patient in the lead" Dutch version Motto : "Think big, act small, dare to fail, stop talking … and start acting." Interview The Guardian : Interview BBC : One of his TED talks got featured on Linkedin INfluencer

Value Based Health Care: #Patientsincluded?

Value Based Health Care: #Patientsincluded? Patients are still not included enough.   Lucien Engelen Director of REshape and Core Faculty (Trainer) at Health Innovation School I had the honor to address the audience at the Dutch 2017 Prize Event of Value Based Health Care. Earlier I was invited [...]

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Dynamic consent

How dynamic consent could become common practice and boost participation in scientific research     Personal data managed by yourself Tom van de Belt Assistant Professor Digital Health   The use of smartphones and wearable devices is not only interesting for an individual’s [...]

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