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Lucien Engelen: 10 TED talks that change(d) health(care)

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Over the course of the past years some great TED talks have appeared from either conferences, TEDMED or the independent TEDx’s all over the world. Great knowledge, emotion, science and ideas have been spread. Some of them changed doctors, nurse and even patients. I often listen to them commuting to my University Medical Center

As the end of year come closer i thought i shared my favorite ones with you, hoping they inspire you as much as they did me, i have put them in a random order, so it’s not ranked.

Abraham Verghese : a Doctor’s touch.

What is more important than the relationship between the doctor and the patient, when it comes to touching.

Leana Wen

A brave talk about transparency in medicine in a way long accepted in other branches. She also has written her great book “what if doctors listen”

Daniel Kraft : Medicine’s future ? There is an app for that!

Proud to call Daniel my friend, since he gave this talk on my first TEDx (in Maastricht 2010). He paints out the future at Mach2 speed.

Thomas Goetz : It’s time to redesign medical data

One of the most underestimated needs in medicine : understandable communication

Alexander Tsiaras : The conception to birth and beyond.

A beautiful film about how it all starts.

Lee Cronin : print your own medicine.

Soon this will become every day practice when i take my pills from the machine next to my espresso machine. They will be 3d printed on the readings of wearables or insideables on my body.

Atul Gawande : how do we heal medicine ?

Another icon in medicine, poses a very important question.

Elisabeth Holmes : Lab testing reinvented

An example of what is to come on disruption in health(care) by a woman withg a mission.

e-PatientDave (Dave Debronkhart) : Let patients help!

My (now) dear friend Dave was of course the first one to speak on our TEDx, #patientsincluded

John Wilbanks : let’s pool our medical data

What if we would do what John suggests : well we’d change health as we know it!

For the use of watching @Robert van Bregt created this YouTube playlist out of it, thank you for that.

Also i hád to add this great talk : “What do you call a veterinarian who can only take care of one species? A physician.” So now my favourite list is 10+1 ; )

Barbara Natterson-Horowitz : What veterinarians know that physicians don’t.

I would love to hear your thoughts about them below, please include the number of the video.