From ‘Hospital to Phone’ is next step.

Today we proudly introduced some new deployments in our effort to become a real “Digital First, Physical Next” Medical Center.

Lucien Engelen

Director of REshape

Today we proudly introduced some new deployments in our effort to become a real “Digital First, Physical Next” Medical Center.

At my closing keynote at the #ehealthweek, organised by the Dutch Ministry of Health and HIMMS, at first i reflected a bit on the current state of developments in health. Next I also introduced three new launches at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen.

  1. We migrated our whole IT infrastructure, to make videoconferencing available at every workstation. Not an easy pick if you consider these are 7000 ZERO (!) clients, so that’s on every ‘computer’ at our campus. As zero clients do not have local storage, it was a though challenge to get this up and running for videoconferencing in a secure way at scale. It took us a year, but our friends at our Information Management departement did a real good job at what appears to be a world first. Apart from these virtual computers, we also have 30+ separate videoconference rooms available for professionals to communicate with patients and peers with perfect lighting, camera, audio and noise scape.
  2. A year ago we agreed to connect our newly installed EPIC system to Apple HealthKit. Together with all kinds of other US hospitals Cambridge and us were the only European ones. It took us however a year to comply to Dutch rules (and still had to skip DigiD). We are proud to be able to announce the enrolment starts as of September to all of our patients, who can opt-in for this with a simple checkbox in their profile. With that securely being able to connect the data from their iPhone (like steps, flights of stairs taken, heart rate from Apple’s Watch etc) and connected devices (scales etc) to our EMR as DATA, so not as screenshots.
  3. And finally we had a major breakthrough in launching our Hereismydata™ Connected HealthKit. A scale, bloodpressure-meter, pulse-oximeter, temperature meter  and a preconfigured tablet (now android, iOS very soon available as well), also connected and integrated to our EMR (EPIC) and sending actual executableDATA from the patient into our system (so again not a simple screenshot or view of an external system). It is a CE/FDA approved system compliant to all regulations on security and privacy levels.

Together with CZ (healthcare insurer) and MedicInfo we will start deploying the kit, reimbursed for Polypharmacy, heart failure and employee programs. Below the video of our live demo. (is also embedded in video above)

(And yes : my heart rate was high, and oxygen saturation-level low 😉 i just got of stage and we needed to record this video asap)

These announcements are adding to the once we did at our latest conference OurFutureHealth last May like :

  •  to execute their own research based (now) on Apple Researchkit, no coding experience needed, and researches can use it too ;-).
  • A Proof of Concept for use of the  we called Prescript and
  • a of conferences, papers and info togethers with that could change the way we do research.

My slides :